Bourbonfest 2021 | Right-to-Buy Raffles

Bourbonfest as we know it, with the tasting tent and in-store allocation release has been canceled for 2021.


With the continuing pandemic and the inability for one of our major suppliers to pour, we knew the odds were against us.


As you know, we rolled out lots of great bottles through our Christmas in July releases.


What’s left and what has since come in will be released throughout October and November through weekly Right-to-Buy Raffles at four key locations Starting Monday, October 4th at Broadway, Maysville, Covington Plaza, and Dupont.


Ballot Boxes will go up Monday, October 4th.


The first drawing will be on Monday, October 11th and every Monday after through November 28th.


The Rules Include:


One Entry Per Location Per Week.


Ballot Boxes will go up on Mondays.


Winners will be drawn and notified the following Monday.


No Ballot Box Stuffing. If we find multiples, they will all be thrown out.


No Substitutions. If your name is drawn for a bottle, but it’s not the one you wanted, you have the right to refuse it and it will go back into the raffle for the following week.


One Week to Claim or it goes back into the following week’s drawing.


Each week the bottles will change.


Now for the $10,000 question…what are we going to do with our BTAC & Pappy Allocation?


When our Buffalo Trace and Pappy Van Winkle allocations arrive, we will add them into the mix, along with an opportunity to cash in your Loyalty points for additional entries.


Altogether we’ll be releasing over 150 bottles in the coming weeks, so make sure you stop by and sign up. But don’t forget to take a peek at our shelves. There wasn’t enough room in our Right-to-Buy Raffle, so we’ll be sharing some great finds the old-fashioned way – straight to the shelf.


We’re sure you’ll have a lot of questions…so make sure you drop them in the comments below or send a note to If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find one for you!


Please know that we didn’t come to this decision lightly, Bourbonfest is an important part of the Cap n’ Cork culture and we’re already looking forward to 2022 when we can all gather again.